Admission Requirements

1.  Letter of Intent to join the TESOL Course Program  

    addressed to:


        Australian International Language Academy

        Southern Cross International Learning Institute

        Thru:   DR. ROGELIO D. COLTING

                    President, Benguet State University

2. Comprehensive Resume with your latest photo

3. Transcript of Records, Diploma, and Certificates  

    of English-related trainings/seminars (photocopies)

4. Certification of work experiences

5. Two passport size photos: for your TESOL ID card 

    and Enrolment Form to be submitted to Australia

6. Pre-registration Fee of $100 upon admission





Course Fees

   Australia                         AU$2,400                   

    Thailand                           $1,200

    Malaysia                           $1,400

    BSU-Philippines             $   700  (special offer)



  International & Accredited TESOL Certificate

    Certificate of Attainment fr. BSU-AILA-SCILI

    TESOL Resources Package:

              TESOL Introduction Booklet

              6 Course Units Workbooks

              3 Assessment Workbooks

              4S Language & Literacy Manual

              Teacher-Tutor-Trainer Compendium

              Formal Functional Grammar Register

              Evidence Portfolio Packet

    Training Kit  with  colored TESOL ID

    Lunches and Snacks